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 Our website is designed with your family in mind!


The ideas and suggestions throughout the site have been compiled to provide great ideas for having family fun in Ocean City. 

This website was created by an 10 year old boy and 8 year old girl to provide their insights into what is fun to do in Ocean City - with a little help from Mom and Dad with the technical stuff.

Hopefully, you and your kids will enjoy your stay in OC and the tips that we bring you will save you some time and money :-) 


If you have any fun ideas for OC family fun, please drop us note in the guestbook.

Did you know?


Dolphins love to vacation in Ocean City!  Yes, its true.  Schools of dolphins can be seen frolicking in the waters about 50 to 200 yards from the beach on almost any given day in the summer. Once we saw a bottle-nosed dolphin jump completely out of the water and do flips!  It was an amazing sight, one that we never thought we'd see outside of Sea World.


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